2015 Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum

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Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum has been successfully held for six times.

Time June 4-5, 2015

Venue: Taizhou, Jiangsu Province


Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum has been successfully held for six times; The 7th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2015 will be co-hosted by PROCESS magazine, PharmaTEC magazine under German Vogel Business Media, China Pharmaceutical Information Online and Chinese Journal of Medicinal Guide. Based on industrial sedimentation and resource accumulation by PROCESS magazine and PharmaTEC magazine in China's pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, with multiple themes and sub-forums, this Forum will bring together global strength (German, English and Indian versions) of PROCESS magazine and PharmaTEC magazine and will foster a professional academic atmosphere which gives prominence to key points with clear-cut themes.

Technical experts from government regulatory body, global top-level pharmaceutical engineering companies, general manager, project director, production technology director, quality director of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical design institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturing solution providers will be invited to engage in communication and exchange in this Forum.

The 7th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2015 covers four sub-forums under four major themes including Process & Equipment, Engineering & Facility, Informatization & Automation, Package & Logistics; this Forum will proceed from specific process production needs to discuss international advanced philosophies concerning pharmaceutical engineering, share current domestic and foreign application cases involving the latest core processes and equipments, increase overall level of local pharmaceutical industry and enhance international technical exchange. This Forum will be held in June, 2015. It will bring advanced technologies and cases concerning pharmaceutical engineering project design, operation, validation, management, production process optimization and quality control etc to the audiences. It will continue taking the form of "meeting + concurrent exhibition" and is dedicated to creating one harmonious, open platform for the audiences to engage in discussions and promoting extensive in-depth exchange within the industry.

Positioning of this Forum

One grand meeting dedicated to improving China's pharmaceutical engineering management

One high-level technical exchange platform for pharmaceutical engineering elites

One opportunity for enabling cooperation between pharmaceutical engineering service providers and end users


Process & Equipment Sub-forum

■ Technical progress and quality risk management in freeze-drying process

■ Perfect connection of upstream and downstream sections of filling system

■ Single use technology, validation and application

■ Technical progress in solid preparation tabletting

■ Coating technology for solid preparation production

■ Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) refining, drying and packing system renovation and practice

■ Development and innovation of pharmaceutic adjuvants

■ Application of fluidized bed technology in solid preparation production

■ Innovative applications of powder delivery system

■ Applications of advanced isolation technique or high-activity control in aseptic production

■ Process innovation and compliance of valves and fittings

■ How to better control flow

■ New technologies for preparation process of Chinese materia medica preparations

■ Equipment maintenance and repair

■ Equipment cleaning and validation

■ Automatic light inspection solution for power injection

■ Biological product quality test analysis

■ Impact of extractables/leachables on drug quality

■ Correct application of pipettors in laboratory

Engineering & Facility Sub-forum

■ Aseptic engineering design and project management case analysis

■ Aseptic production quality risk control

■ API clean zone design and validation solution

■ Pharmaceutical engineering project and management experience sharing

■ Launch of aseptic freeze-dried preparation project within existing building subject to space limitation

■ Key points and technical means for environmental control of clean room

■ Air conditioning purification system design and validation solution

■ Issues which should be addressed in traditional Chinese medicine production plus GMP renovation

■ Sharing of experience in solid preparation process design

■ Solid preparation production quality risk evaluation system

■ Analysis of cases concerning pharmaceutical factory water supply and drainage

■ Energy conservation design of pharmaceutical factory workshop building

■ Understanding of clean zone classification

Informatization & Automation Sub-forum

■ Application of Industry 4.0 Concept in the pharmaceutical industry

■ Combination of China’s "Fusion of Industrialization and Informatization" with International "Industry 4.0"

■ Sharing of experience in construction of pharmaceutical factory MES

■ Application of EMS in pharmaceutical enterprises

■ Storage environment temperature and humidity distribution test and continuous monitoring system

■ Examples of energy management in pharmaceutical enterprises

■ Experience from advanced automation technology in non-pharmaceutical industries

■ Application examples of automatic feeding, discharging and filling

■ Application of robot technology in the pharmaceutical industry

■ Process testing technique in aseptic production

■ Current application situation and examples of automation technology in traditional Chinese medicine industry

■ Modular design of traditional Chinese medicine extraction process

■ Sharing of unmanned factory and smart factory cases

■ Applications of near infrared spectrum analysis techniques

■ Online automatic control of production process.

Package & Logistics Sub-forum

■ Present-stage significance of GSP implementation

■ Development of pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit technology

■ Optimal design of drug delivery packaging process

■ Innovations in online code assignment technique for drugs

■ Drug labelling techniques

■ Drug tracing techniques

■ Applications of cold chain technologies

■ Development and applications of medical glass containers

■ Innovations in drug injection syringe

■ Upgrading of bioprocessing bag

■ Transport validation


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