2017 Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineer International Forum

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The year 2017 is the 16th year since Pharma-TEC started publication in China. The Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum and pharmaceutical training meeting have been held for many years. Since inception, they have focused on such important topics in the industry as innovative technology, excellent management and safety compliance, they have been supported, recognized by and have drawn extensive attention from the people in the industry, so we are confident in continuing to hold this forum and meeting. In order to more objectively and comprehensively report and serve China's even the world's pharmaceutical industry, build a timely and effectively communication platform, in 2017, Pharma-TEC will continue to leverage the multimedia channel advantages to carry out relevant activities including forums, celebrations and training, gather together various forces to witness another rise of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Technical experts from government regulator and global top pharmaceutical engineering companies, general managers, project directors, production technology directors, quality directors from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical design institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturing solution providers are invited to this forum for engaging in communication. The 9th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2017 features four special sub-forums covering aseptic preparations, solid preparations and traditional Chinese medicine, intelligent manufacturing at pharmaceutical factory, biologicals, which are designed to proceed from the specific process production requirement to discuss the international advanced philosophy of pharmaceutical engineering, and share the latest domestic and international application cases involving core processes and equipments to increase the overall level of domestic pharmaceutical industry and international technical exchange.

This forum will be held in June, 2017. It will bring to the audiences the advanced technologies and cases involving pharmaceutical project design, operation, validation, management, production process optimization and quality control. With adoption of the form taken in the previous forums, this forum is dedicated to building a harmonious and open discussion platform for the audiences and promoting an in-depth and extensive communication within the industry.